Homestead Poultry

Homestead Poultry

1650 Delano Rd.

Delano, Tn. 37325


Owner- Delinda Crawford

​​​​​​​​Homestead Poultry and Hatchery, we are a  family owned farm located in Southeast Tennessee, in the small community of Delano, in Polk Co. We raise 18 varieties and breeds of chickens, most of our breeds are out of some of the best lines available, none of our birds are hatchery stock. We are especially proud to offer English large fowl Jubilee and Chocolate Orpingtons this year, as well as English blue 

Orpingtons and English Mottled Orpingtons. We also raise exotic pheasants, peafowl, ornamental ducks,  Bourbon Red Turkeys, Guineas, Doves, Geese and ducks.

Hatching season for 2022 has started!

First chicks of the season will be ready Jan. 25th and hatching will continue until late fall.

2020 new breeds are: french Black Copper Marans (Hatcher lines) very dark egg layers.

Also Dan Powell line of Buff Barred Brahmas, very rare!