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Homestead Poultry

Please keep in mind that we are a working farm, so we may not be near the phone at all times. Please leave a message if no answer and  we will call you back shortly, and please, say your number clearly or repeat it.  Thank You!

Prices are per  chick

English Mottled Orpington $5

Jubilee Orpington  $5

Buff Orpington  $2.

Lavander Orpington  $5.

Barred Rocks  $3

Black Australorps  $2.

French Black Copper Marans $5

Roade Island Reds  $2.

Buff Laced Brahmas  $8

White Crested Black Tophats -Bantams $3.

Crele Polish Tophats  $5

Lavander Bantam Cochins $3.

Standard  Turkens  $2.

English White Orpingtons $5

Buff Barred Bantam Cochins $3.

Bourbon Red Turkey Poults  $8.

Silver Duckwing Bantams $3.

Silver Pheasants  $10.

Guineas keets  $4.

Cortunix Quail babies  $1.50

Bobwhite Quail Babies $2.

Peafowl Babies $35

Ring Teal Ducklings  $25.

Mandrian Ducklings  $35.

Wood Ducklings $35.

Muscovy Ducklings  $5.