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We do not sell any of our adult breeder birds, we sell chicks only and they are all sold straight run.  We welcome visitors here to see our farm and operation. Chicks may be picked up at our hatchery, or we will ship. Minimum order of 20 chicks for shipping,  with a flat rate of $40 for overnight shipping. No minimum for farm pick up.

White Peafowl

India Blue Peafowl

lady Amhearst Pheasants

Red Golden Pheasants

Mandrian Ducks

Ring Teal Ducks

Wood ducks

Muscovie Ducks

Bobwhite Quail

Cortunix Quail


Bourbon Red Turkeys


Homing pigeons 

Fantail pigeons 

Silver Deathlayers

English Jubilee Orpingtons

Lavander Orpingtons

Buff Orpingtons

Plymouth Barred Rocks

Black Australorps

Roade Island Reds

French Black Copper Marans

Crele Polish Tophats

English Blue Orpingtons

White Crested Black Polish Tophats

Turkens also know as Naked Necks

Buff Laced Brahmas

Silver Duckwing Bantams

English White Orpingtons

English Black Mottled Orpingtons